The Generation Cup in association with Fruitflow + Omega3

Sunday, 31 October 2021 11:00

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We are proud to have been asked to host one of the group rounds of the "Generation Cup" in association with Fruitflow + Omega3

The competition has been created after consultation with the FA, and will be contested between nine of the eleven clubs whose forefathers contested the cup in its inaugural season in 1871.

To make it more attractive and affordable day, the games will be pay what you want.

The group being contested at Hitchin Town will consist of three teams: Hitchin Town, Crystal Palace and Maidenhead United. There will be three games of 30 minutes each way contested on an "intergenerational" basis, to make the competition more on a level footing. Players will be from a selected squad with ages ranging from 17 to over 50s. Pre-determined competition rules will ensure that a defined number of players from each age group wll be on the pitch at any given time, with roll on roll off substitutes.

We are hoping that it will be an enjoyable happy day and experience, played in the right spirit and fun for all.

We are aiming to attract as many people as possible so please spread the word!

Note: When typing in an amount that you wish to pay, please just type the number. Do not put a £ sign before it. So for example, if you wish to pay £5 just type 5, and indicate the number of people you want to pay that price for from the drop down menu. Thanks.

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